Homage to the young boy who dropped his pants in front of an old lady at Gare Saint-Lazare, Paris. Three black-and-white photographs of a man, which might have been taken with a distance of years, are standing central to Painful Singularities. Starting from the man's more and more self-confident posing in front of the camera, Jimmy Robert has written a series of short texts, which are grouped around the images like a loose net of poetic comments on memories and pain, sensibility, masculinity and loneliness; inquiring into the question of representation.

Jimmy Robert was born 1975 in Guadeloupe, France. Solo exhibitions and film screenings include the Tate Gallery, London, and the Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris. He is a Professor of Sculpture and Performance at UdK, Berlin.

2007, 36 pp in cardboard envelope, English, 3 b/w-images, 300 x 210 mm, numbered and signed edition of 300 copies, ISBN 978-3-940215-01-7.
Out of print.