In Montreal in 2009, with the help of Regent Photo Studio on Avenue du Parc, mark took a snapshot of themselves by recording the photographer's directions. The collective subsequently transcribed this recording, and transformed it into a poem. This poem is the material of this publication, which does not contain the photograph, but an instruction on how to get it. The project also served as the inspiration to a text installation the collective set up at WE LEFT THE WARM STABLE AND ENTERED THE LATEX VOID (WLTWSAETLV), which is located around the corner from Regent Photo Studio.

mark is a collective of five female artists that formed in Bremen. Their interventions are often an investigation into seemingly mundane, common, banal events.

2011, 180 x 130 mms, 48 pp, b/w, softcover, numbered edition of 500 copies of which no. 401–485 h.c., special edition no. 486–500 of which 5 a.p. ISBN 978-3-940215-14-7.
$ 15.00